The Vegan
Travel Guide

high on cool, low on cliché



The Vegan Travel Guide is the place to go when you’re looking to discover or share gorgeous vegan friendly places to eat and stay!

We first met Sarah from The Vegan Travel Guide in early 2017. She had grown the social following solidly from 2016 and had been operating the business using a Squarespace website that didn’t offer any of the required functionality as the business moved into 2018.



The Vegan Travel Guide required exciting new branding that incorporated the fun upbeat elements of the business. It was important to Sarah to differentiate The Vegan Travel Guide from other vegan business and make it accessible to everyone (vegan or not!), and to represent their strong social media community and appeal to their key demographic user.

Accompanying the brand, their new site needed to be bright, bold and colourful whilst making the user experience as easy to navigate as possible. The premise would be for all Vegan-friendly businesses to be able to have a listing on the site, and feature on the ‘Plan your trip’ section. There was also the requirement to create an approval step so that the team where able to contact the business should they need to confirm any details.



  • A high on cool, low on cliché brand that incorporates the energetic and original culture of the business, with versatility to use in all mediums, from digital, social and the clothing range.
  • A fully responsive website that is built mobile first with UX at its core and including all the engaging and compelling functionality you would expect in this type of project build.
  • Making use of Googles Awesome Tables we have created a solution which allow enough flexibility for the guys at The Vegan Travel Guide to update and grow the content without compromising on the design credentials.