Pure Boats

We  ❤ Amsterdam



We ❤ Amsterdam and everything that this amazing city has to offer visitors… so you can imagine how delighted we are to be working with Pure Boats Amsterdam!

Pure Boats are a boutique canal cruise company, providing customers with guided trips along Amsterdam’s canals on one of their 3 gorgeous boats – Geertje, Schollevar and Pure Spirit. Offering just a little bit more than your regular boat tour, customers can travel around the city in luxury on a private cruise, using a company that is sustainable and eco-friendly, with finishing touches that make a tour a real highlight of your visit to the Netherlands.



With visitors from all over Europe, Pure Boats wanted to set themselves apart in a competitive market through engaging social media campaigns and paid social media advertising. We worked to create social content incorporating beautiful, compelling imagery that highlighted what makes Pure Boats different, targeting all types of visitors.

Paid content in multiple languages reached out to both locals and tourists, producing an uplift in cruise bookings across the board.



  • Social media management across multiple channels, including copywriting, creative design and full planning and scheduling.
  • ⦁ Paid social management incorporating research and defining audiences, AB testing, budget management and analytics.