Hummingbird Technologies

Intelligent creative for a high-value tech start-up



Hummingbird Technologies is an artificial intelligence business, using imagery and data analytics to provide farmers with high-resolution maps of their crops at critical decision-making junctions in the season.

We were engaged to hone their commercial offering through concise, effective, multi-platform marketing, with the aim of engaging different audiences – from farmers to investors. Driving sales, building their reputation and increasing awareness and understanding were key pillars of development that needed to be communicated in a cohesive and accessible way.



An initial social media campaign needed to deliver insight and information to farmers and agronomists, particularly utilising the active Twitter farming community. Keen to promote themselves as an AI business, the balance between tech-heavy and results-driven content had to be carefully managed to engage the audience, alongside prominent call-to-action content.

Intelligent use of custom video content would create maximum impact and increase reach.

Concurrently, a full range marketing assets and brochures needed developing, from investor pitch decks through to multi-region, multi-language material that concisely conveyed the brand, it’s values and the impact of its services – all with a strong recognisable design style.

Hummingbird’s website needed a complete overhaul to ensure it was aligned in terms of messaging and style, and up to date with current product information. Content was refined, language standardised and the look and feel modernised to be full-responsive on all devices.



  • Development of a strong overall design style to ensure consistency and integration throughout, with custom icons, illustrations and infographics.
  • Creation of a social media campaign to drive engagement and brand awareness throughout their key target demographic
  • Video content creation to create reach across social platforms
  • Development of the full range of marketing assets – including pitch decks for funding, brochures for multiple world regions and various flyers, banners and other collateral
  • Complete redevelopment of Hummingbird’s website so that it appealed to a global audience from both the technology and farming worlds, considering closely competitor offerings