Basil food is loaded with good wholesome ingredients



With 4 locations across Kent, plus a Production Kitchen HQ in Tunbridge Wells, Basil is an independent, family-run business that has been creating deliciously wholesome food, indulgent cakes and great coffee for the past 10 years.

They have a dedicated fan-base who love the Basil ethos and story, and value their dedication to fresh ingredients and using local suppliers. With a real community of followers, social media is the natural platform to engage with their loyal customers, but Basil were also looking to expand their offering with a new e-commerce website.



With plenty of competition throughout the area, Basil needed some standout content to make their proposition shine, with their delicious and aesthetically pleasing cakes and dishes taking centre stage.

They initially had separate Facebook pages for each café, which we merged to one central page which covered all areas. We also developed their branding, playing with fonts and creative styling to produce exceptional artwork to compliment copy. Using a mixture of flat and video content, as well as both organic and paid campaigns, we promoted each café, developed launch campaigns for new locations, and introduced the audience to Basil To You – their home catering service – in order to directly impact revenue.

This service was to also become available online via a brand new website designed by Big Orange Media. Bringing the cosy, friendly atmosphere of a Basil café into the customers home, improving the ordering experience for both customers and Basil Staff.



  • Development and strategic social campaigns across several pillars, focussing on superior product imagery, the Basil community and their catering service
  • Merging of 3 existing Facebook pages to facilitate one central Basil community on social platforms
  • Development of the Basil branding to create aesthetically impactful social posts – striking a balance between the corporate, professionally edited posts and the more natural product imagery.
  • Combining all our creative working into designing and developing a brand new e-commerce website.